While I lost my phone…


I was offered to apply for a CEO position at a new company that will be forming next year. Thus, I am praying about it. If it is God’s will, He will make a way. If I get the job, great! If I don’t, it wasn’t meant to be. That’s how I will think of it. This is the reason I had no time to post any new posts.

In any case, when I lost my phone in Brazil, my sister lend me her second phone, Asus. This is the worst phone I’ve ever used. It’d be very slow like the DLS in old days and apps would just shut down by itself. Nevertheless, I was thankful I had a phone to use for calls and email check-ups.

Now, it’s been almost a month since I lost the phone. With such a limited memory and storage space in Asus, I cannot even dream of listening to Amazon kindle books in the car. Thus, I lost track of where I left off in my last book I was reading. A book on building a blog.

Since I had nothing better to do with my phone when I’m waiting in the line at the market and etc., I downloaded one cooking game which I ended up actually playing from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. during one weekday. I’ve never done that since my high school years which was ancient years ago. And then I played it again during one evening for one hour and then my 5 years old daughter came and begged to play. I let her play for five minutes and I thought this has to go. So I deleted it right there and then. No more time waster.

I ordered Samsung Note 7 right after I got back from Brazil but what fate. That Samsung Note 7 was permanently banned and Samsung announced it the day after that phone got to my Verizon store. I didn’t even get to open it. So I ordered Google Pixel XL. Being new, this phone will ship out this Friday on 28th. So I’m stuck with Asus for a few more days.

I didn’t imagine it’d take a month to get my new phone. Of course I could’ve gotten other phones in the store but then again, I wanted the best and there was a sacrifice. A sacrifice requiring my patience. A long patience.

I will update once I get my new phone and get my modern lifestyle back.







What to do if you lost everything during a trip abroad?


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Don’t know about you but I’ve lost everything during a trip to Brazil.

I traveled to Brazil last week on a business trip and I was supposed to go to Colombia afterwards. But guess what happened?

I was aware of many robberies in Brazil but never did I imagine I’d have my whole purse stolen at the Sao Paulo airport. While eating exotic fruits! And my two other colleagues were right there with me and a Portuguese speaking guide. How could anyone steal my purse that was on the floor while there were many people around us? Maybe there is a organized crime right there at the airport.

It was a devastating experience for me. I lost my wallet with many debit/credit cards, my driver’s license, $000 cash, my cell phone with many important information, passport, and my vitamins/medicines for the whole week there. And talk about losing the purse itself. I was penniless, magnetic less and paperless.

I have traveled to South America many times to different countries before but never have I lost the whole purse.

In any case, following are the steps I took right there in Brazil using my colleague’s phone and my laptop;

  1. Using Android Device Manager, track my phone. But it seems it was stolen by a professional? thief. The phone was either turned off or a sim card was taken out. It was untraceable. Next step: Change my lock passcode and typed in a message ‘Return my phone, you thief!’ Then I remotely erased all the data on the phone.
  2. Go to the Lost & Found at the airport. They didn’t seem interested nor eager to find anything for me. So, no luck here.
  3. Go to the airport police station and file a police report with the help of our guide. This step is very important. You’ll need it even in U.S.A.
  4. Call the U.S. Consulate General and report a lost passport and arrange an appointment to come in the next day for the emergency passport. The passport is usually ready within one hour but latest 24-hrs.
  5. Call banks to cancel all the debit/credit cards and report as stolen.
  6. Change flight date/time.
  7. Change all the email passwords.
  8. Change all the passwords for iCloud, dropbox and etc.
  9. Suspend cell phone line via mobile carrier website whether Verizon, AT & T and etc.
  10. Get an international phone card if available for any 800 calls you need to do. 800 phone calls are charged if you’re abroad. It would be cheaper to use the international phone card.

Luckily, my colleague lend me $000 to pay for my hotel and passport before he left for Colombia about two hours after I lost my purse. I had $25 left when I got back home alone. Actually, $25 was all I had for the entire one and 1/2 day until I got home. I wanted to buy t-shirts for my kids at the airport but had no money so I only bought 2 bottles of water and a gum. I was literally a beggar and felt heartbroken for my kids. I always bought local t-shirts for my two kids whenever I went on business trips especially abroad.

To continue, my colleagues went on to Colombia and I to my hometown.

But guess what? I was caught by TSA? at the airport the next day. They needed to check if I was the real owner of the emergency passport. As a result, missed the flight. Had to take one to Miami after two hours. Got to Miami and I was stopped again before leaving for my final destination. But luckily, got on the plane one minute before departure. Got home safely escaping Hurricane Matthew. If I stayed there for another day or so, I would’ve had to survive on $20 and wait out on Hurricane Matthew.

After I got back home, following are the steps I took;

  1. Go to the DMV, get a new temporary replacement driver’s license.
  2. Order a new medical/dental/vision insurance card.
  3. File ‘Fraud Alert’ on all Experian, Equifax and Transunion
  4. Turn my temporary passport into a permanent 10-year one for my next Mexico trip in November
  5. Find out if I can get reimbursed for my loss using company travel insurance or travel protection program by VISA
  6. Find out what else I have to do to protect my identity.

Thank God, at least I had my laptop and a mobile chat service on my laptop that I can connect over WIFI at the airport or at the hotel.

Travelers, please be aware that you should not let your guard down at any moment when you travel to South America especially in Brazil. You shouldn’t take your driver’s license, expensive purses/wallets, cash and just take one credit card. Also, I heard wearing a fanny bag isn’t safe either. It could actually encourage robbers to attack you physically instead of just snatching your purse and running away.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson in a big way. I feel as though I’m a new ‘me’ with a whole set of new identity. Although this experience was a bad case, it would not deter me to travel in the future. I’ve just become a wiser traveler.

Moving forward with my usual life now~


Book Review of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki


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I’ve had this book in an audio format for many years. Actually, I probably bought it like 10 years ago. I’ve heard the beginning part before but somehow, I never finished listening to it.

Perhaps I was loving my job too much back then and didn’t have the slightest intention to start my own company.

But when I heard this audio book last week, it was very interesting for the first time.

It teaches us that “we shouldn’t work for money but have money work for us,” and “build the asset column and eliminate expense column in a cash flow chart.” He also teaches that even a house is a debt and is not an asset as many people think.

He has invested in lots of real estates and stocks. Some of the methods he has used to earn from the real estate business are pretty clever but he doesn’t promise it’ll work for everyone in every situation. I myself was never interested in investing in real estate even though I knew it was a good business. In the book, the author mentions that even McDonald’s founder,  Ray Kroc, was into the real estate business and that was his #1 business when everyone would think he’s into the food business.

This is a thought shifting intended book for the readers. It is a good read and certainly an interesting book to read if you’re aiming or are already an entrepreneur.

But you’d need to study and delve into the subject deeper to learn more practical real life examples of his teachings.







My Journey to become a Christian Entrepreneur – Dot 3


I’ve registered four domain names today. One is for my sister which is vinacreations.com and the other three domains for myself. kimchicamp for my cooking blog, sevenword for my media blog and heartofcross for my Christian writing blog.

Last Friday over lunch, I had a talk with a friend who is a VP of a movie studio and the other friend who is an entrepreneur/agent of an entertainment branding company.

Not only did we enjoy delicious Korean meal with 10 different side dishes and three main entrees, we ended up talking about starting a project, “Kimchi Camp.” Actually, my friend came up with this name but I thought it was a fantastic name. So I’ve registered it as a domain name right away before anyone thinks of it and snatches it up.

The project or a business surrounding the name cannot be revealed at this point and I’m still doing mind mapping at this point. However, not only is one of my life passion cooking but my deep infatuation with kimchi will guide me in the right direction.

Where did I register my domain names? Of course everyone should know Godaddy.com. I registered all four names there and one of the domain costed only $0.99/year which is for my sister. It was a very small investment. I also bought her the lighting equipment for her YouTube videos since she didn’t know what to buy. She lately started filming her cooking diligently.

And then I had the usual doctor visit this morning and he happens to be running a consultant firm on top of a finance related business. Amazing! I’ve never seen a doctor running a financial company. He has asked me to help one of his new business and have asked me to join his consulting firm.

Since my wake-up call from the panic attack incident, I’ve turned to starting my own business to be free from the tight schedules of 9-5 job and to find my true calling. Now, I see many business opportunities as if my blind eyes were suddenly opened.

But of all these, I see God’s hand leading me. If it’s His will and if He’s calling me to His business, I shall obey and He will surely bless me.

Thus, I march on! Everyday!

I don’t know how many dots I will write to this series but I hope I succeed before dot 100. That is my goal but I leave it up to my almighty, loving God.

Happy marching!





Book Review of “The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs”



Wow, this book was long! Whole 3,569 pages in Kindle format~

It took me almost a week to listen to the whole thing while commuting.

My general thought on this book is that a lot of points discussed are useful and the author is a seasoned, wise entrepreneur. He doesn’t skew extreme to left or right.

He seems to be modest and knows what he’s talking about. He’s from a tech background so he talks a lot about tech companies, especially Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

On Chapter 7, he quotes the motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar;

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” —Zig Ziglar, author, motivational speaker

Among many, this point spoke to me which I’m sure it would to many entrepreneurs or anyone with a goal or a purpose.

If I don’t have a purpose or a goal, I would not get motivated. Without the daily dose of motivation, it’s impossible to push toward a goal. And this motivation should not be based on a goal of simply earning money.

Every now and then, I’d think, “What’s the purpose of this life, what is my true destiny…” and etc. Although I’m neither filthy rich nor poor, if my goal was to earn more money, I would’ve drowned in despair and confusion long ago.

I have a grandeur dream and a goal. Until I reach this goal, I would have to do things even if I don’t “FEEL” like it. Driven by “FEELING” is a sure way to live a regretful life. And a vain life.

To get back to the book, it covers many points on strategies, finance, education, people, marketing & sales, leadership and motivation. Each point is short, mostly 1 1/2~3 pages and the author gives plenty of his own and other entrepreneurs’ experiences which makes the book even more interesting.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended!





Book Review of “Ultimate Guide to Blogging”


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This book is my second book read on blogging. The first book was a short book that gave a general idea on blogging and how to start a blog. This book is also for beginner bloggers but it has a lot more information and it is a very useful book.

For this blog, I just organized a list of necessary tools with a short description taken out of the book for my continuous usage of below tools. I’ve mostly copied sections of the book in making the below list.

Finally, this is also a part of my preparation in becoming an entrepreneur.

Following are some good tools according to this book’s author Mike Fishbein;


  1. Hello Bar – Adds colored bar at top of the blog with a button that links to desired page
  2. Exit Monitor – Lead generation and conversion optimization tool. A pop up screen that offers exiting visitor some special offers
  3. Mailchimp – Collect, manage email addresses, send emails and track results, easily integrates with Word Press and other blogging platforms and is free
  4. Google Analytics – Detailed stats about traffic and traffic sources
  5. Codementor – Online marketplace to connect with expert developers via live video calls. Matchmaking with developer that charges very low hourly rates.
  6. Fedora – Where you can host and charge for video courses.
  7. Buffer – A social media management tool. Its browser plug in enables you to share any page across any social networks within clicks. Also enables you to schedule social shares.
  8. Google Keyword Planner – You need to create Google Adwords account to access this but you do not need to pay for advertising. It’s used to learn what search terms to use in blog posts and titles.
  9. Sniply – To turn your Twitter followers or other connections in to followers of your own blog. It allows to put a “hello bar like” CTA button at the bottom of any page on the web that you share. It could link to your blog at the bottom of the page when sharing someone else’s blog post.
  10. Quora- A question and answer site. you can link to your blog in every question answered. Use Quora Credits to promote your answers and blog posts. Create Quora blog as primary blog or cross-post blog posts to attract wider audience. It gives blog topic ideas and learn about many different fields. It also can network with a large community of great people. Get to know them by answering, following, direct messaging, upvoting and etc.

[How to promote your blog]

  1. YouTube – YouTube videos rank high in search results – mention your blog link
  2. SlideShare – Presentation hosting network, to upload PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF or OpenDocument—it’s YouTube for PTs
  3. Udemy – Online marketplace for video courses.
  4. Podcast – Audio broadcast on the internet similar to a radio show. It can be subscribed to or downloaded.
  5. Quora – Described above.
  6. Amazon – Self-publish a book on the topic of your blog. Link to blog posts and primary blog domain.
  7. Twitter – Can be used as a marketing tool
  8. LinkedIn – Join groups related to your industry, target audience, blog posts, add personalized commentary.
  9. Facebook – Focus on some of the Facebook groups.
  10. Niche Social Networks – Instagram, oHours, AriBrib, Craigslist, StackOverflow, GitHub

[Content Distribution Networks]

  1. Reddit – “Social news” site where users can submit links and promote articles
  2. Hacker News, Quibb, Growth Hackers – Pertain to startups

You can go to Mike Fishbein’s site directly here.

Happy reading!

My Journey to become a Christian Entrepreneur – Dot 2

My sister is a very talented person. She is just one year older than me but acts a lot older.

Years ago, she provided all the things I needed for my baby when I was pregnant since I was very ignorant of what to prepare for the new baby. She bought baby bathtub, diapers, milk bottles and etc., which I had no clue as to where to buy or which brand to get and etc.

Not only that, she has provided even household cleaning products when I first got married 15 years ago since I was utterly clueless in housekeeping. So, I have a lot to thank her for.

Oh, we’re not orphans by the way. Our mom was just too diligent and she did all the housework and cooking. Never even asked us for help. She was just a clean and diligent housewife who hardly delegated work to her daughters.

In any case, I and my sister have decided to co-op on the business. She used to be an active seller on eBay before eBay started going down.

She has many talents in art, painting, craft, drawing/doodles on top of her best of the best cooking skills! Her walnut cookies and biscotti are the best! You cannot find the better tasting cookies anywhere. Many people even have asked her to start a bakery shop.

She has many talents but since I’m from marketing and sales side(although not so much a social media person yet), I can help her in marketing and selling her talents/products. This would include myself learning to become a professional blogger, social media marketer as well as setting up and making her YouTube channel a success.

We have lots to learn, both of us, and a long way to go but we’re excited to start this journey together~ Always, two heads are better than one and we’re sisters!

As a start, we’re going to meet at least once a week to check on each other’s progress and draft a plan.

Cheers to both of us!

*Some of my sister’s work (very basic for now–just a practice stage)




Christmas wreath






Spicy Chicken Dish








Book Review of “Girl Code”

The book Girl Code is an easy and delightful book to read during your break or a bubble bath.

There aren’t many notes to jot down while reading, so listening in an audio book format during my commute was practical.
It was a feel good motivational book with many guest interviews. I’ve checked out all the interviewees’ website and found a few of them interesting.
On a side note, I’m not such a girly woman that goes to hair salon, nail salon or any other glittering places to polish myself, so some of the sites and points sounded too far off for me. However, I learned that as a woman, I deserve to beautify myself and I should take care of myself.
I thought the outside appearance wasn’t that important as long as you put on a neat clothes along with neatly combed and styled hair. And a pair of clean shoes of course. But I may have been wrong! Those ladies on some of the sites I’ve visited looked fabulous, groomed and confident!
On the other hand, I don’t believe in vanity. I wouldn’t style myself up or doll myself up for just looking pretty outside. That is very vain for me unless it has a purpose. A purpose to make myself be more confident and make other people feel happy around me.
I wouldn’t overdo it though. A modest, clean, pretty, neat feminine look is sufficient for me. But that’s just me.
In any case, I found these three sites valuable to visit.
Besides above, of course the author gave cut-to-the chase points that were motivational and helpful. And it was also very personal as if listening to a friend talking.
Overall, this book was very enjoyable and I liked it! All the ladies out there should read it whether they’re entrepreneurs or not.
Happy reading!

My Journey to become a Christian Entrepreneur – Dot 1

I had the same job for many, many years. I was happy with it.
I learned many things and I got to work in various job tasks.

At the beginning, I worked sort of as a receptionist and secretary for the company that just
set up a branch in U.S.A.

Then I worked as a coordinator, then worked in ad, then worked in program sales, then TV channel distribution, and now OTT business. Through the years, I gained experiences and with them, higher job positions.

However, I’ve grown to the point where I cannot learn much anymore. There is no mentor or someone that can coach me. I am now a coach/mentor/boss to my employees. But it’s not my own company.

So, I thought I should spread my wings and start my own company.

This blog will be a journal and journey to my freedom to try what I want to spread my wings.

I sometimes see these young entrepreneurs in 30’s and get so impressed with their gut and bravado.
I’m in my 40’s now. There are many older people that start late in entrepreneurship and still succeed.

I want to test myself now.

Although I’m still working a full-time job, my head is full of things-to-learn and things-to-do for my new-business-to-be.

Here are some books I’ve read that’s helping me to start on some ideas;

I thought I should know very well about social media since it will be the main marketing tool for this day and age. And of course basic skills of entrepreneurship is essential. I’ve also started reading on blogging because I like writing and I want to eventually use a blog or blogs for my business in the future.

I listen to audio books on my commute everyday. I sometimes can finish one book in a day and for a long book, 2-3 days at most since I commute over two hours a day.

The panic attack was a wake up call and it all started to give me a bigger desire to attain freedom and get out of the chain of 9 to 5 job even though it is a fairly? well paid and a comfortable job since I’ve been in this industry for many years.

But it’s time for me to start something new.

And this is my first journal entry to this adventure.

I will look at this entry one year from today and I sure hope I will smile at myself for having done a good job.

Wish me luck and may God’s grace shine upon me!

Panic Attack anyone?


If anyone has experienced panic attacks, they would know how terrifying it is.

Image result for terrified face images

I thought I would never be subject to it nor did I think I will ever experience anxiety in my life thinking that I was immune to it due to my seemingly confident and relaxed personality.
So I thought.

I have first experienced it while driving to home from work one evening. It was Friday and the traffic on LA freeways, as some of you might know, is terrible.

I was driving without thinking much but I suddenly felt my heart pounding and felt breathless. I immediately called my husband to pray for me and he did. But it went on for about 10-15 minutes and subsided.

I thought maybe it was due to stress and thought nothing of it after a few days.

Then it came again after a few months at my office. I felt breathless and I couldn’t breathe. So I ended up visiting a doctor nearby with my co-worker. The doctor did an exam, took x-rays and found nothing unusual. So, after a few days, I forgot about it again since it didn’t last more than 15 minutes.

This year was relatively stress free at work compared to last year when our company was going through many personnel shifts and chaos so-to-speak.

A month ago, I had a day off and watched a movie with my 13-years old son. Then suddenly, I gasped silently. I wasn’t able to breathe well so I urged my son to leave in middle of movie. I felt sorry to my son but I couldn’t sit there in a closed space watching a movie.

That morning before the incident, my cardiologist coincidentally called me to get a regular check-up. So, I scheduled an appointment, going through all the tests. Nothing unusual showed up. The doctor only recommended me to exercise regularly.

A few days later, I was driving back home from LA to Orange County on Friday evening again and there it was. The panic attack! I couldn’t breathe, my heart was pounding and I had cold sweats, trembling on top. I exited the freeway in fear of my life and called 911. It was the first time I called 911.

The fire trucks came in 2 minutes, very fast! They checked my pulse and asked series of questions. While I was being taken to a hospital nearby in their fire truck, I still felt breathless and felt like dying. But the fire drivers were chatting among themselves while I felt like dying. I’m sure they didn’t mean to be rude but I felt they weren’t that caring.

In any case, I got to ER which was more amazing. Not in a good way but in a bad way. Even when I felt like dying, the nurses, staffs or anyone could care less about me. It took almost 40~50 minutes before I was taken inside from the ER waiting lobby. In the meanwhile, my husband and my children rushed to the hospital all worried.

By this time, I was feeling a bit better. This is about 90 minutes after the panic attack occurred.

While waiting for a nurse or a doctor, many things raced through my mind. I thought I might have some heart problem or lung problem or some cancer that could be causing it. And on top of that, I was internally criticizing how ER system is so messed up. I thought hundreds of people could die like flies while waiting in ER.

With the blood test result, the doctor finally came at around midnight. I was admitted to ER around 8:30 p.m. The nurse and the doctor asked me many questions focusing around my life. If I was stressed at work, home, going through a divorce and etc. I said I didn’t have any trauma or tragedy but just had stress at work at times and that I was always very busy.

The doctor finally told me that blood test result showed nothing and it was all normal. And he said I had a panic attack. When I told him it couldn’t be the panic attack, protesting that it was all physical symptoms and that I didn’t have much anxiety; the doctor still said that some people who have panic attacks can’t even open their hands, meaning some have more severe physical symptoms. That sort of made me mute.

He prescribed anxiety medication and let me go. He told me to relax and not to take the medication unless I really need it because I could get addicted to it. I thought the doctor looked more like Einstein in a doctor’s uniform but nevertheless, he seemed nice. So, I left feeling a bit confused of the doctor’s diagnosis.

After I came back, I still visited series of doctors to rule out anything physical but I couldn’t find anything unusual to this date. It’s been about 3 weeks now.

After this horrible panic attack incident that lasted over one  hour, I was so afraid of driving from work to home especially after dark. I thought I might lose my sanity if I go on. But I remembered Einstein doctor telling me I won’t die from it so I tried to find some comfort in that, constantly telling myself I’m okay.

After this incident, I’m doing a couple of things that are helping me.

1. Since my internal medicine doctor told me I had GERD, I started taking anti-acid medicine and I found this aloe vera drink on Amazon that seems to work for me so I started to drink this. (I’m a bit Amazon Shopaholic)

George’s Aloe Vera Supplement, 64 Fluid Ounce

George's Aloe Vera Supplement, 128 Fluid Ounce

I don’t know why but somehow GERD also brings about chest pain and for me, my throat and upper chest feels like it’s in a fog, if you know what I mean. When I had the last panic attack, my body felt like a tight balloon with no air and I couldn’t digest at all. So, I thought I had to do something about GERD associated indigestion as well to lessen the intensified feelings I had during the panic attack.

2. I started exercising finally! My husband had been telling me for a few years but I never listened giving excuses of my busy schedules, family, work, church and etc. I started walking my quiet neighborhood for about 30 minutes and I started to feel great! My indigestion was getting better and I felt generally liberated. I guess that’s why people tell you to exercise to release stress.

3. I prayed everyday while commuting to home in the evening for peace and to keep me safe. And God did answer my prayers. After I faced dreaded commute head-on and succeeded arriving at home safely over the course of two weeks, it has mostly eliminated my driving trauma and I don’t have much anxiety driving back home anymore. I could understand why people with this symptom hate to go outside of home and why they want to be near their families or hospitals. I now have to face the challenge of traveling outside the country on a biz trip in November but I’ll be praying for it in advance!

4. Please read this book. While I was browsing Kindle Unlimited books, I came across this book about anxiety that got really good reviews~  I just bought it as well but I trust this book will help me as it helped many other readers.

Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks Fast (+Bonus Audios) by [McDonagh, Barry]

Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks Fast (+Bonus Audios) by Barry McDonagh

If anyone has read this, I hope it helped you.

God bless you!