I’ve registered four domain names today. One is for my sister which is vinacreations.com and the other three domains for myself. kimchicamp for my cooking blog, sevenword for my media blog and heartofcross for my Christian writing blog.

Last Friday over lunch, I had a talk with a friend who is a VP of a movie studio and the other friend who is an entrepreneur/agent of an entertainment branding company.

Not only did we enjoy delicious Korean meal with 10 different side dishes and three main entrees, we ended up talking about starting a project, “Kimchi Camp.” Actually, my friend came up with this name but I thought it was a fantastic name. So I’ve registered it as a domain name right away before anyone thinks of it and snatches it up.

The project or a business surrounding the name cannot be revealed at this point and I’m still doing mind mapping at this point. However, not only is one of my life passion cooking but my deep infatuation with kimchi will guide me in the right direction.

Where did I register my domain names? Of course everyone should know Godaddy.com. I registered all four names there and one of the domain costed only $0.99/year which is for my sister. It was a very small investment. I also bought her the lighting equipment for her YouTube videos since she didn’t know what to buy. She lately started filming her cooking diligently.

And then I had the usual doctor visit this morning and he happens to be running a consultant firm on top of a finance related business. Amazing! I’ve never seen a doctor running a financial company. He has asked me to help one of his new business and have asked me to join his consulting firm.

Since my wake-up call from the panic attack incident, I’ve turned to starting my own business to be free from the tight schedules of 9-5 job and to find my true calling. Now, I see many business opportunities as if my blind eyes were suddenly opened.

But of all these, I see God’s hand leading me. If it’s His will and if He’s calling me to His business, I shall obey and He will surely bless me.

Thus, I march on! Everyday!

I don’t know how many dots I will write to this series but I hope I succeed before dot 100. That is my goal but I leave it up to my almighty, loving God.

Happy marching!