I was offered to apply for a CEO position at a new company that will be forming next year. Thus, I am praying about it. If it is God’s will, He will make a way. If I get the job, great! If I don’t, it wasn’t meant to be. That’s how I will think of it. This is the reason I had no time to post any new posts.

In any case, when I lost my phone in Brazil, my sister lend me her second phone, Asus. This is the worst phone I’ve ever used. It’d be very slow like the DLS in old days and apps would just shut down by itself. Nevertheless, I was thankful I had a phone to use for calls and email check-ups.

Now, it’s been almost a month since I lost the phone. With such a limited memory and storage space in Asus, I cannot even dream of listening to Amazon kindle books in the car. Thus, I lost track of where I left off in my last book I was reading. A book on building a blog.

Since I had nothing better to do with my phone when I’m waiting in the line at the market and etc., I downloaded one cooking game which I ended up actually playing from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. during one weekday. I’ve never done that since my high school years which was ancient years ago. And then I played it again during one evening for one hour and then my 5 years old daughter came and begged to play. I let her play for five minutes and I thought this has to go. So I deleted it right there and then. No more time waster.

I ordered Samsung Note 7 right after I got back from Brazil but what fate. That Samsung Note 7 was permanently banned and Samsung announced it the day after that phone got to my Verizon store. I didn’t even get to open it. So I ordered Google Pixel XL. Being new, this phone will ship out this Friday on 28th. So I’m stuck with Asus for a few more days.

I didn’t imagine it’d take a month to get my new phone. Of course I could’ve gotten other phones in the store but then again, I wanted the best and there was a sacrifice. A sacrifice requiring my patience. A long¬†patience.

I will update once I get my new phone and get my modern lifestyle back.