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I’ve had this book in an audio format for many years. Actually, I probably bought it like 10 years ago. I’ve heard the beginning part before but somehow, I never finished listening to it.

Perhaps I was loving my job too much back then and didn’t have the slightest intention to start my own company.

But when I heard this audio book last week, it was very interesting for the first time.

It teaches us that “we shouldn’t work for money but have money work for us,” and “build the asset column and eliminate expense column in a cash flow chart.” He also teaches that even a house is a debt and is not an asset as many people think.

He has invested in lots of real estates and stocks. Some of the methods he has used to earn from the real estate business are pretty clever but he doesn’t promise it’ll work for everyone in every situation. I myself was never interested in investing in real estate even though I knew it was a good business. In the book, the author mentions that even McDonald’s founder,  Ray Kroc, was into the real estate business and that was his #1 business when everyone would think he’s into the food business.

This is a thought shifting intended book for the readers. It is a good read and certainly an interesting book to read if you’re aiming or are already an entrepreneur.

But you’d need to study and delve into the subject deeper to learn more practical real life examples of his teachings.