My sister is a very talented person. She is just one year older than me but acts a lot older.

Years ago, she provided all the things I needed for my baby when I was pregnant since I was very ignorant of what to prepare for the new baby. She bought baby bathtub, diapers, milk bottles and etc., which I had no clue as to where to buy or which brand to get and etc.

Not only that, she has provided even household cleaning products when I first got married 15 years ago since I was utterly clueless in housekeeping. So, I have a lot to thank her for.

Oh, we’re not orphans by the way. Our mom was just too diligent and she did all the housework and cooking. Never even asked us for help. She was just a clean and diligent housewife who hardly delegated work to her daughters.

In any case, I and my sister have decided to co-op on the business. She used to be an active seller on eBay before eBay started going down.

She has many talents in art, painting, craft, drawing/doodles on top of her best of the best cooking skills! Her walnut cookies and biscotti are the best! You cannot find the better tasting cookies anywhere. Many people even have asked her to start a bakery shop.

She has many talents but since I’m from marketing and sales side(although not so much a social media person yet), I can help her in marketing and selling her talents/products. This would include myself learning to become a professional blogger, social media marketer as well as setting up and making her YouTube channel a success.

We have lots to learn, both of us, and a long way to go but we’re excited to start this journey together~ Always, two heads are better than one and we’re sisters!

As a start, we’re going to meet at least once a week to check on each other’s progress and draft a plan.

Cheers to both of us!

*Some of my sister’s work (very basic for now–just a practice stage)




Christmas wreath






Spicy Chicken Dish