I had the same job for many, many years. I was happy with it.
I learned many things and I got to work in various job tasks.

At the beginning, I worked sort of as a receptionist and secretary for the company that just
set up a branch in U.S.A.

Then I worked as a coordinator, then worked in ad, then worked in program sales, then TV channel distribution, and now OTT business. Through the years, I gained experiences and with them, higher job positions.

However, I’ve grown to the point where I cannot learn much anymore. There is no mentor or someone that can coach me. I am now a coach/mentor/boss to my employees. But it’s not my own company.

So, I thought I should spread my wings and start my own company.

This blog will be a journal and journey to my freedom to try what I want to spread my wings.

I sometimes see these young entrepreneurs in 30’s and get so impressed with their gut and bravado.
I’m in my 40’s now. There are many older people that start late in entrepreneurship and still succeed.

I want to test myself now.

Although I’m still working a full-time job, my head is full of things-to-learn and things-to-do for my new-business-to-be.

Here are some books I’ve read that’s helping me to start on some ideas;

I thought I should know very well about social media since it will be the main marketing tool for this day and age. And of course basic skills of entrepreneurship is essential. I’ve also started reading on blogging because I like writing and I want to eventually use a blog or blogs for my business in the future.

I listen to audio books on my commute everyday. I sometimes can finish one book in a day and for a long book, 2-3 days at most since I commute over two hours a day.

The panic attack was a wake up call and it all started to give me a bigger desire to attain freedom and get out of the chain of 9 to 5 job even though it is a fairly? well paid and a comfortable job since I’ve been in this industry for many years.

But it’s time for me to start something new.

And this is my first journal entry to this adventure.

I will look at this entry one year from today and I sure hope I will smile at myself for having done a good job.

Wish me luck and may God’s grace shine upon me!