The book Girl Code is an easy and delightful book to read during your break or a bubble bath.

There aren’t many notes to jot down while reading, so listening in an audio book format during my commute was practical.
It was a feel good motivational book with many guest interviews. I’ve checked out all the interviewees’ website and found a few of them interesting.
On a side note, I’m not such a girly woman that goes to hair salon, nail salon or any other glittering places to polish myself, so some of the sites and points sounded too far off for me. However, I learned that as a woman, I deserve to beautify myself and I should take care of myself.
I thought the outside appearance wasn’t that important as long as you put on a neat clothes along with neatly combed and styled hair. And a pair of clean shoes of course. But I may have been wrong! Those ladies on some of the sites I’ve visited looked fabulous, groomed and confident!
On the other hand, I don’t believe in vanity. I wouldn’t style myself up or doll myself up for just looking pretty outside. That is very vain for me unless it has a purpose. A purpose to make myself be more confident and make other people feel happy around me.
I wouldn’t overdo it though. A modest, clean, pretty, neat feminine look is sufficient for me. But that’s just me.
In any case, I found these three sites valuable to visit.
Besides above, of course the author gave cut-to-the chase points that were motivational and helpful. And it was also very personal as if listening to a friend talking.
Overall, this book was very enjoyable and I liked it! All the ladies out there should read it whether they’re entrepreneurs or not.
Happy reading!